Strengthening India’s last-mile logistics

Log9 Mobility Partners

Presenting our flagship EV partner program – Log9 Mobility Partners – a far-reaching and extensive initiative that will reshape India’s EV mobility ecosystem. Conceptualised for enterprising leaders willing to join the growing EV revolution that is poised to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Growing the network of InstaCharge stations pan-India

Own and operate a fleet of smart electric vehicles

Driving sales for Log9's range of smart EV vehicles

Partnership Tiers

Instacharge Partners

Charging EV fleets, anywhere, anytime!

Log9’s InstaCharge technology allows you to become a part of the extensive charging infrastructure to transform India’s EV mobility landscape. Get access to all the essentials for establishing and running highly efficient, dynamic, and futuristic charging stations – anywhere across the country.

Fleet Solution Partners

Transforming the last-mile logistics industry with E-mobility solutions

Log9 powered electric 2Ws, 3Ws and 4Ws are here to promote responsible last-mile deliveries. Deploy our electric vehicles to your fleet and experience higher uptime and a broader scope of business. Our cutting-edge fleet solutions will power your logistics while keeping up with the diverse Indian climatic conditions.

Business Partners

Venturing into the EV landscape with our clean mobility solutions

Log9’s flagship deep-tech E-mobility solutions in collaboration with the leading-edge electric vehicles pave way for a revolution in the Indian EV industry. Become our trusted partner and play a crucial role in developing a sustainable future. Let’s build a greener world for future generations together!

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