Energy Barriers

The spirit of innovation remains the cornerstone of every mission here at Log9. We have failed numerous times in this mission of ours, only to learn from them and rise back up stronger than before.


Delivering Power, Performance and Peace of Mind.

Made in India, for the World.

Log9’s range of cutting-edge batteries and energy storage solutions is designed to fulfil the evolving needs of the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Powered by consistent innovation, they deliver excellent performance in the toughest weather conditions, with a longer lifespan. 

Built for Tropical Climatic Conditions

Our batteries can withstand harsh weather conditions which makes them an ideal choice for tropical nations.

Thermal stability ranging from
-40°C to +65°C


We are not just a Team,

We are a Tribe.

A tribe bound by our never ending hunger and the will to go to any length to find solutions that make a difference. A tribe that believes in transparency, inclusiveness, empowerment, courage, and humility. And an ambition to better the planet one workday at a time.

a Tribe... with a purpose

a Tribe... with a passion

a Tribe... with pride

a Tribe... we call Log9.


The Green Impact

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