Innovating for a Better Tomorrow

The spirit of innovation remains the cornerstone of everything we do at Log9. We endeavor to change how energy is produced, distributed, and stored, right from a grassroots level, purely through innovative deep-tech solutions.

TiB Cell Line

India’s first indigenous cell line will form the DNA of an energy-independent India.

Uniquely designed for tropical conditions, TiB comes with best-in-industry characteristics, including enhanced safety, long life, low-temperature performance, rapid charging, high input & output power, and a wide usable SOC range.

Tabless Technology

Log9’s state-of-the-art tables cell design tackles internal resistance and enhances thermal dissipation hence restraining overheating, improving charge transfer and increasing power by upto 40x and energy by upto 20x.


Green Manufacturing

With significant reductions in carbon emission and production cost, Log9’s manufacturing process for the cells are highly sustainable, efficient and economic.


A revolutionary Battery Management System

Redefining electric mobility, Charvik, an intelligent, intuitive, and innovative battery management system is designed specifically for high-power, fast-charging electric vehicles. The superior feedback mechanism, advanced algorithms, and state-of-the-art architecture ensures unparalleled safety, reliability, and performance for your EVs.

Aluminium Fuel Cells (AFC)

Al-fuel cells are batteries that run on air, water, and Aluminium (Al). Given Aluminium’s abundance in the earth’s crust (8%) and lesser weight, these cells pack 8000 Whr/kg of energy, making them economical and powerful at the same time.


Our state-of-the-art 3V ultracapacitors, powered by Log9’s patented graphene-based technology, provide higher energy and power density while having the lowest current leakage. Capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures and enabling long cellular lifespans, Nanocaps are the best in class in terms of safety and reliability.