Be a part of our Tribe 

We the Log9ers

What defines us is something that intrigues us.

Are we trailblazers? Dreamers? Innovators? Or are we all of them? We’ve always been crusaders with a broader purpose – pioneering deep-tech ideas that make the planet better.


One core purpose drives every Log9erto redefine our energy landscape. We do not leave any stone unturned in this pursuit.

We are not a team but a tribe, and what unites us together is a lot beyond our work. It’s our passion to put India at the cusp of deep tech and the never-ending urge to push the boundaries of innovation and technology.

Our Values

The engine that drives a Log9er

A Log9er’s personality is generated by gumption, powered by passion, driven by purpose, recharged by empathy, ignited by self-belief, united by a vision, and fuelled by accountability.

Our values move us forward, and every Log9er you meet will exude our values in some form or the other. They are the connecting threads to each individual that make collaboration simpler and create a strong foundation of transparency.

We are, to put it simply

Passionate & Entrepreneurial

Our projects. Our accountability. From the beginning to the end, we will see it through.

Fearless & Humble

When we’re chasing a bold vision, each achievement is a stepping stone on a long journey. Only the fearless march on and only the humble prevail.

Ethical & Environment-obsessed

No shortcuts. No excuses. We have a tremendous responsibility and taking care of it requires sincere minds with tunnel vision.

Agile & Detail-seeking

No hierarchy or red tape within our ranks. Every person is approachable, every question is necessary, and every action is deliberated before executing.


A Slice of Our Lives

The Log9 campus is buzzing with positive energy as our vibrant Log9ers revel in each other’s company – while ideating, deliberating, or just chilling. As a result, every corner of the campus emanates a feeling of belonging in a free-spirited and lively space.

Meet the Leaders

Leading Log9 into an exciting future.
The ones at the helm of Pioneering Responsible Energy.