Power, Performance, Peace of Mind

Log9’s energy solutions are designed to rectify problems right at the grassroots level. Our products can withstand extreme climate conditions and operate at full efficiency, with a warranty of 10 years.

So every time you purchase a Log9 product, you get our ultimate promise – Power, Performance, and Peace of mind

RapidX series

The Log9 RapidX series of batteries are the safest EV batteries in the country, designed to efficiently power electric vehicles in all Indian and other tropical conditions. Built using patented high-power cell technology, RapidX batteries are extremely durable, with the ability to last longer than conventional batteries without losing their efficiency.

Operating temperature
range of -40° to 65° Celsius

Fastest Charging EV Battery with InstaCharge technology

Up to 40,000 charge-discharge cycles / 10+ years of battery life

RapidX 2000

The Log9 RapidX 2000 battery, with the ability to be charged fully within 15 minutes, is designed to efficiently power electric 2-wheelers that are increasingly becoming a mainstay in sustainable last-mile delivery ecosystems.

  • Rated Voltage 50.6V
  • Operating Voltage 35.2V-62.7V
  • Capacity 40Ah
  • Max. Charging Current 250A
  • Rating IP67IP
  • Operating Conditions -30ºC to 60ºC
  • Communication CAN
  • Full Charge 15Min

RapidX 6000

The Log9 RapidX 6000, the safest 3-wheeler EV battery in India, can be charged fully within 35 minutes and is tailor-made to empower sustainable commercial fleet operations.

  • Rated Voltage 48.3V
  • Operating Voltage 33.6V-58.8V
  • Capacity 120Ah
  • Max. Charging Current 250A
  • Rating IP65IP
  • Operating Conditions -30ºC to 60ºC
  • Communication CAN
  • Full Charge 35Min


ZappUp is a cutting-edge battery pack solution, that effectively regulates and stabilises the supply-demand mismatch by bridging the current gap in the electric grid system. ZappUp can be applied to considerable power and energy services ranging from fast-response ancillary grid services to energy arbitrage.

ZappUp’s features allow it to be used and operated in versatile applications like Microgrids, UPS’, Data-centres, Telecoms, grid-level energy storages, and industrial applications like Forklifts, Robotics, and AGVs.

ZappUp Micro

Capacity - 1 kWhr. to 99 kWhr.

Applications: Telecom Sector, Residential (Res.), Commercial & Industrial (C&I) as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Solar Rooftop Integration (Res. and C&I)

ZappUp Mini

Capacity - 100 kWhr. to 999 kWhr.

Applications: Electricity Generation, Distribution, Transmission at Distribution Transformer, Grid Sub-station level, and large Commercial & Industrial applications.

ZappUp Mega

Capacity - 1 MWhr. and above.

Applications: Utility Scale Power Generation Transmission & Distribution (G,T&D) for Peak Shaving Application Frequency Regulation Demand Site Management Peak Shifting Ancillary Services (& Sign Reversals for Deviation Settlement Mechanisms)

ZappUp Mobile

Capacity - High Power Density solution mounted on mobile platform

Applications: Used for standalone purposes including strategic applications, Forklift, Automotive Guided Vehicle (AGV), Tow Trucks, construction and mining sites, wind farm and all portable applications.