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Electrification of vehicles using Li-Ion technology is a great step towards addressing the environmental crisis. It however does not shut off emissions during energy generation. Hydrogen fuel cells on the other hand do enable clean energy economy, but the prohibitive costs and associated safety risks have led to poor adoption. Aluminium Fuel Cell is the latest solution which provides for a 100% green and circular energy economy. Aluminium Fuel Cells can not only shuts off emissions at all phases of energy from generation, to transmission, to utilisation but is also affordable and completely safe. It leverages the most recyclable metal - Aluminium, as the fuel

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Rampant ecological imbalance caused due to multi-faceted pollution has led to a dire need for new and improved filtration technologies for purification of air and water. Also, with diminishing fossil fuel reserves challenges of oil purification are more intense then ever before. Graphene due to its high surface area and unique electronic properties is the best solution to the filtration needs of the 21st century. Log 9 is developing the catalysis, absorption and micro-channeling properties of graphene based materials for new age filtration and purification technologies. We are adopting a diversified approach by developing particulate, foam as well as membrane based graphene technologies.

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