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Rapid Charge


Rapid Charge
0 - 40 km/hr*

3.1 sec

*Under test condition
two Wheeler

15 Minute Charge

70* KMs Range

Experience Log9 unique rapid charging battery tech with power pack range and unmatched performance

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70 km/h


70 km


2 kwh


15 min


Rapid Charge Technology
Rapid Charge

RAPID Charge Technology

Log9 Rapid Charge Technology provides a unique opportunity for multiple electric scooters to simultaneously charge at a single charging station. This dramatically reduces the requirement for setting up multiple chargers at a single site and optimizes the throughput of the charging station at the Hub.

Smart Analytics for Businesses
Rapid Charge

Smart Analytics for Businesses

Log9 smart analytics is built around providing business a single window application to track two-wheeler inventory on a click of a button. Customers can track the health and charge status of the Log9 battery in a two-wheeler. Smart analytics allows business owners to map in real time the utilization of their two-wheeler fleet and optimize inefficiencies bringing better operative performance to their two-wheeler fleet.

Smart Analytics for Businesses

Performance Redefined

Rapid Charge | Powerful | Long Life

Log9 RapidX 2000 Battery is especially designed to deliver unmatched performance for Two-Wheeler on Indian road.

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two wheeler design


Designed for India

Battery is at the heart of any electric vehicle. Log9 RapidX 2000 packs a punch of high performance and reliability. Made from some of the most advanced materials and battery technologies. RapidX 2000 is designed to powerup two-wheelers for Indian roads and Indian conditions. With an operating temperature of -30 degrees to 60 degree celsius. RapidX 2000 can take a scooter where other batteries would typically fail.

Unmatched reliability

RapidX 2000 provide uniform performance upto the last packet of energy while a conventional EV battery suffers from an exponentially drop in its performance as the total state of charge drops down.

Safest battery for two-wheelers

RapidX 2000 is the safest battery in its class and has been tested to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and collision.

Rapid Charge

Battey Charge Type

Rapid Charge

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature

-30o to 60o

Pack Size

Pack Size

2 kWh

Battery Life

Battery Life

10 Years*

Charging Time

Charging Time

100% Charge in 15 minutes*
80% Charge in 12 minutes*

*Under test condition

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Charging Time

Top Speed

70 km/h#

Charging Time

Range per Charge

70 km*

Charging Time


0 to 40 km/h in 3.1 Sec*

#On test vehicle system

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  • Any standard charger with GB/T connector gun & 48 V charging support.
    • Bharat DC 001
  • The battery can be charged at any public Bharat DC charging point(10/15kW GB/T) with automatic handshaking and no human intervention

Yes. In fact Log9 Rapid X 2000 battery gets charged in 2 hours on a 5 Amp point and within 40 minutes on a 15 Amp charging point

  • The cost will range from 20 - 30 Rs depending on the public charging infrastructure provider
  • For home charging it will be as per the house electricity tariff

No. To understand the science/tech behind it, please reach out to us.

  • For stationary & standalone applications battery will be available at a 10 year warranty
  • For electric vehicle applications batteries will be available on a monthly lease. Log9 will take care of the maintenance during this period.

Log9 has service support pan india



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